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Online Entry

Please read the following before entering. Avoid any surprises later.

Please make sure that you can definitely make it to the race gear check on the Friday afternoon between 4:30 - 6:00pm and the mandatory race briefing at 6:30pm before you enter. If you live and work in Melbourne you may need to consider that it's a solid 3 hour drive from the CBD on a good day. Also make sure you are OK with the race cancellation policy before entering. 

Entry is subject to reading and acceptance of the waiver (this will be included in the online entry process), having all of the mandatory gear, and being able to attend the mandatory race briefing on Friday evening.


Things you will need to know when entering: 

  • the phone number of the phone that you will be carrying on race day

  • your emergency contact person's name and their phone number

  • your t-shirt size

  • a qualifying race/s (keep this brief please, but race name and distance are needed)

  • AURA member number if you are a member

  • if you and your crew are coming to the breakfast presentation on Sunday morning 

  • if you need a bus ride back after presentation on Sunday morning then you need to book these tickets during the registration process

Team runners need to both enter and pay separately and list the name of your relay partner and your team name.

You do not have to do that at the same time or place, i.e. you can enter on different days and we will pair you with your team runner.  


There will be pre-entry registration for 3 time finishers, winners and volunteers .

3 time veterans will have 24hrs to enter before they will need to join general admission.

If you think you qualify for pre-entry but are not sure, please email me:

Registration does not guarantee entry into the race, and any unsuccessful applicants will receive a full refund.

If uncertain whether you will qualify, please contact the organiser prior to entry:

Entries not yet open. They will open here.

Entry Fees



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     Solo TBC    /    Team TBC (per team)     

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