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Q. How does my stuff get to the finish line?

A. There will be a van near the start line on race morning where you can throw your bag for the finish. 


Q. Can I use drop bags?

A. Yes, they must be in by by the end of the briefing. And not too big please.


Q. Where can I collect my drop bags from after the race?

A. Initially they will be transported to the finishline as checkpoints close. Then they will be at the presentation/breakfast next morning.


Q. Is the briefing really mandatory?

A. Yes. Plan ahead.


Q. I am not sure if my top/bottom meets the requirements for thermals.

A. Look for polypropylene (polypro) or merino. Compression gear, coolmax or basic tech is not enough. Email to check in advance if in doubt.


Q. Is my jacket good enough?

A. Only if it is waterproof and has a hood. If you don't know if it is waterproof then it probably isn't. Email to check if in doubt.


Q. Do we really need to carry all that stuff?

A. Yes. Unless specified at the race briefing. Bring all the mandatory kit in case it is needed. Remember: "Shipwreck Coast"!


Q. Will there be gear checks on course?

A. Maybe. Maybe not. While there hasn't been random checks in the past, due to indiscretions at some other races it is likely that there will be a random check this year. But surely we can trust you to carry the required gear without checking up on you?


Q. Will the course be marked?

A. Not really. There is really clear Parks Victoria signage so there will only be some supplementary ribbons and arrows where needed. The course is really well signposted and if you read the signs you won't have a problem following the course. 


Q. Will I get my feet wet?

A. Guaranteed.


Q. Will there be soft sand to run on?

A. Guaranteed.


Q. What is the elevation like?

A. Don't be fooled by being coastal. There are still some good little hills in there. Around 3,000 metres of gain will test you out. But it is still a pretty runnable course.


Q. Are there UTMB points?

A. No points. It simply got too hard, sorry. 


Q. What sort of supplies can I expect at the checkpoints?

A. No cups for a start. You will be given a collapsible silicon cup to carry. Or you can just use your own bottles. There will be water, Tailwind, some coke and lemonade and a variety of food, including hot food at latter checkpoints. Check the page on checkpoints. All food will be vegetarian.


Q. Will I enjoy this run?

A. Guaranteed.


Q. My question isn't on here?

A. Email the RD and he will respond, usually pretty quick. (Unless at another race.)

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