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Entry Info & Fees

Entry Details

Race Date

21 October 2023

Subsequent events will be held on approximately the same date each year dependent on the tides and pending approval by Parks Victoria.

Run Entry

Entries will be capped at 100 overall places including up to 10 teams in the 55/45km and will be filled on a first received basis. We will accept up to 130 entries initially to cater for withdrawals prior to race day. Once entries are full a waitlist will be generated.

Receipt of entry does not guarantee inclusion in the run.

Each runner will be assessed for their suitability to participate based on submitted previous experience. This can be confirmed by contacting the race organiser prior to entries opening at
Successful entrants will receive confirmation via email usually within 24hrs. Any unsuccessful applicants will receive a full refund. 

Volunteers from 2019 and the male and female winners from 2019 can pre-enter the day before general entries open. Runners who have finished 3 or more years can also pre-enter. 

Team-Relay Runners

All solo runner rules apply to relay runners.
Relay runners can only change over at the Johanna Beach Checkpoint (CP3).

Both relay runners must carry the mandatory gear. If the gear is to be shared, the second runner cannot leave Johanna CP until their gear is checked off by a checkpoint volunteer.

Relay runners are responsible for their own transport to and from the change over.

Relay runners can utilise the drop bag system but they must be lodged at the pre race briefing on the Friday as per the solo runners. All checkpoint cut-offs are the same as for solo runners.

Entry Fees

55/45 Team (per Team)    TBC

100 Kilometre Solo           TBC


All runners receive full support across the course, including professional first aid services from Endurance Medical Services. Solo finishers receive a commemorative GOW buckle. Relay runners receive a GOW medal each.



This is a serious ultra marathon requiring a high level of fitness and experience. The run organisers reserve the right to refuse entry. Ordinarily entrants should have completed a trail ultra in the 12 months prior to the run date, but due to Covid restricting events from occurring, we are happy to consider any relevant experience. In the absence of a suitable trail ultra the applicant must submit evidence of other relevant organised run history for consideration. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. While the vast majority of the GOW course is runnable, entrants should be aware of the relatively tight cut-offs at checkpoints that will be enforced. If you are uncertain about your suitability for the GOW100s please email me before the entries open at


Entries received after the field is full will be placed on a waitlist unless they request to be removed. The waitlist will be in order of entries received. When a runner withdraws the first entrant on the waitlist will be sent an email offer to enter. They will be given 2 business days to respond before the offer closes and moves to the next entrant on the waitlist. There may be difficulties matching T-shirt sizes to runners entering off the waitlist once orders have been lodged but all attempts to provide appropriate sizing will be undertaken.

Cancellation of Entry (see full Cancellation policy)

Entries can be cancelled up to 23 September 2022 with a full refund (less $50 admin costs). Thereafter there will be no refund possible as race funds will have been committed.

Transferring Entries

Entries are not transferrable and cannot be held over to the following year. Any runner withdrawing before the race start cannot transfer their entry to another runner, it becomes available for the first runner on the waitlist.


The ambulance is not a free service in Victoria. You should ensure you have ambulance cover either by joining through your health fund or with suitable travel insurance. 


If the medical team feel you need an ambulance it will be called and you will be responsible for any costs incurred. A simple broken ankle where you may require an air-ambulance evacuation could cost you thousands of dollars.



The event has public liability insurance through AURA, but this does not cover personal accident or injury for runners. You should have your own personal accident insurance. An easy way to do this is to take out travel insurance and this also protects any losses due to delayed or cancelled travel or medical expenses. If you don't already have it you should consider income protection insurance to cover any costs you may incur due time off work due to injuries sustained whilst participating in the event. International participants should ensure that their travel insurance provides cover for participation in trail running events.

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