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NO CREW ACCESS TO BLANKET BAY. Due to new restrictions introduced in 2017, crew cars are not allowed to come into Blanket Bay. Crew can see their runner at the Otway Lighthouse carpark a further 9km along the course but cannot provide aid. Please remind your crew or any friends who might be coming out to watch you run.

No crew assistance outside of checkpoints. Such assistance breaches the rules and could result in disqualification. Runners can be supported by a support crew. The runner must not accept aid from the crew outside of any of the designated checkpoints. If using a support crew a contact phone number should be submitted at registration for emergency purposes.

The crew are subject to all the rules that cover the runner (apart from rules regarding "Vehicles") and must respect the directions of run organisers. The crew must obey road rules when travelling on vehicular roads and be cautious of runners on the road at all times. Be very careful on gravel roads and beware of oncoming traffic on narrow winding roads.

Crew accessing checkpoints must not obstruct roadways or park in areas designated for campers. The support crew must follow any instructions issued by the checkpoint officials. No excessive noise is permitted. Crew must respect all areas frequented by campers and tourists especially at night. Any children must be supervised. Absolutely no pets allowed at checkpoints. No pets are allowed in the National Park. Please do not bring your dog.

Crew must not eat the food at checkpoints provided for runners.



Under no circumstances can a runner be transported in a moving vehicle unless withdrawn from the race.

A runner cannot accept a lift if recovered off course due to error in order to return to the course. To rejoin the race the runner must retrace their path until back on the course where they left it.

Runners can sit or sleep in a stationary vehicle at a checkpoint after checking in (except in the 12 Apostles carpark) but should tell checkpoint staff.

Please do not obstruct roadways when parking at checkpoints. 

Drive carefully. Be aware of wildlife, fallen trees and cyclists on the road.

Crew Notes

Detailed crew notes will be added here closer to the race date. 

While they are fairly comprehensive, they are best accompanied by a separate map, as detailed in the notes themselves. 

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