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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of Entry

Entries can be cancelled up to a 21 September 2023, with a full refund (less $50 admin costs). Thereafter there will be no refund possible as race funds will have been committed.

Cancellation of the Race

The race may be cancelled for a variety of reasons including but not exclusive to: Code Red Fire Day, Total Fire Ban in the south west region, any bushfire in the region, extreme weather including rain and wind deemed too dangerous (potential falling trees) or flooded rivers. The event may be abandoned even after the race has started if circumstances develop necessitating cancellation. The race may be rerouted if there is a non-threatening impairment of the course but only with the approval of Parks Victoria. In the event of a forced abandonment it is important that all runners are accounted for so ensure you have been identified and checked off before leaving the course/checkpoint. An attempt will be made to text message the cancellation and/or notification will be given at the next checkpoint reached. 


The decision to cancel the race is the responsibility of the race director or his assistant acting in his capacity. This may occur at the direction of Parks Victoria, DSE, Police or relevant Emergency Services.


There is always a possibility of a forced cancellation of the race at short notice prior to the start. In the event of cancellation of the run due to fire, extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstance (or at the direction of Parks Victoria, Department of Sustainability, or any other authority) attempts will be made to notify entrants as soon as possible. Due to the commitment of funds to services and providers, there will be no refund of entry fees if cancellation is within 2 weeks of race date and no responsibility is taken by the organisers for lost travel or accommodation expenses. An alternative date is not feasible due to the reliance on volunteers and support services.

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